The Value of Coaching

As the tech genius Bill Gates put it, “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

In any endeavor that is progressive and competitive in nature, a coach plays a critical role on the road to success. This road is all too often filled with both peaks and valleys which have the tendency to place the pursuer on an emotional roller coaster from day to day. Attempting to navigate this trip on your own can result in unnecessary stress and potential premature burn out.

Perspective is very fickle in that it is easy to keep when things are going well; however, when the road get rocky, it is the first thing to turn on us. In my opinion this is one of the primary benefits of having a coach since it is one of their primary responsibilities to keep an eye on the larger picture of progress during the murkiness of the day to day grind. This top down perspective is much clearer for someone other than the athlete since it requires a great deal of preparation, projection, data analysis and course correction. While it is possible for an intelligent and experienced athlete to serve as their own coach, it will surely take everything they have to do an adequate job in both areas to capture progress.

Through our first two months of services, some common goals collected through our No Sweat Intro system have been: weight loss, muscle toning, strength/muscle gain, CrossFit/Sport performance, pain relief and mental clarity/stress release. The importance of coaching our athletes through these goals does not differ in importance but only in kind.

At Packerland CrossFit we place our coaching ability above all else. We take tremendous pride in identifying what it is our clients need from us and do everything we can to deliver that coaching at the highest level possible. We commit to continuing education and feedback to refine our craft. It is our goal to become experts in the field of health and fitness through keeping a beginner’s mindset.

The value of coaching is so important to us that we put our own money into this process by hiring business and personal fitness coaches ourselves to ensure that we are also being held accountable for our own perspective. This allows us to continue to develop alongside our athletes in a constant pursuit of better. As Coach Lombardi stated, “Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” If you’re in need of someone to help guide that chase, please shoot us a message as we would love to be your Coaches.

Love you all,

Coach Ty