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Derek LaBonte – Head Coach/Owner

Hi! My name is Derek LaBonte and I serve those who want to be the best possible version of themselves in life and/or in sports performance. I’ve found that most want more out of their life, or in their athletic prow less, but struggle to follow through on a plan of how to get there. I coach group CrossFit classes, and personal train, focusing on building a trusting relationship creating a positive, inspiring, and supportive community in the gym so you can crush your goals outside of the gym.

I have a dog name Diesel who is my best friend. You will more than likely meet him at the gym. I have an older brother named Zach and a younger brother named Brett. My mom’s name is Lori. I am extremely passionate about fitness and I always have been. Since I was young I always enjoyed the training aspect of the sport just as much as competing. I wrestled and played football my entire life. I even played some college ball at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point where I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science majoring in Psychology – Human Services.

After football I didn’t really have a direction in my life and I started going to the gym less and less. I missed being able to train for something and I wasn’t making the best choices. In February of 2015 I stumbled upon CrossFit. From that point on my life changed for the better. I got my CrossFit L1 Certification and started coaching that October and dreamed of opening my own gym one day.

I am so excited to be able to share my passion and enthusiasm of fitness and life with you. Let’s get started!


CrossFit L1 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Certified Sport Performance Coach


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Tyler Krueger – Coach/Owner

My name is Tyler Krueger and I serve as a Coach here at Packerland CrossFit. Three main passions in my life are family, human service, and fitness. My family consists of my beautiful wife Hilary, two daughters – Sloane (6) and Larkin (4), and our newest addition, Callan Joseph, who was born March 2018.

Sports and fitness have been a part me as long as I can remember. Soccer, basketball and baseball were favorite sports of my youth. In high school I ran track, played baseball and football . I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to play college football at St. Cloud State University where I majored in Community Psychology. While studying the various disciplines of psychology, I fell in love with the principles of behavioral psychology. I went on to obtain my master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and began work in the field of autism services. My work in this field is what brought our family to Green Bay. I currently serve as the Clinical Director and Lead Therapist for Centerpiece Autism Services where we serve over 70 individuals diagnosed with various severities of autism spectrum disorder from ages 2 to 18.

I found CrossFit in the spring of 2013 a year after the birth of my first daughter. It had been 5 years since the end of my football career and the healthy habits I had created as an athlete gave way to the no so healthy habits of a college student. My body and mind had become soft and I knew something had to change. CrossFit has given me the opportunity to be an athlete again. Having a body I can be proud of is a great thing; however, I consider this a “side effect” of CrossFit. The main benefit that I have fallen in love with is the social aspect. The community that surrounds CrossFit is unlike any group of people that I have ever met. Full of positivity, growth, and fun, CrossFitters make up some of the best relationships that I currently have.

Changing behavior is not an easy thing to do; however, with the right coaches and community behind you, everything is possible!


Board Certified Behavior Analyst

CrossFit L1 Trainer 

USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach

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HIlary Krueger - Operations manager/owner

Things I love in my life; my husband, my kids (Sloane 6, Larkin 4, and Callan baby), good eats, supportive workout tops, coffee and new love for Packerland CrossFit. 

Success to me is being able to combine my work with play and I believe I am able to do that by playing an active role in your success here at Packerland CrossFit. From greeting you at the front, helping you check in, holding your baby so you can get your sweat on, or grabbing coffee next door to catch up on how your weeks going. I’m here for you! 



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Jordan Lubbers - Remote Weightlifting Coach

Hi friends! My name is Jordan Lubbers and I split my time between being a PhD student in geology at Oregon State University and a competitive weightlifting coach/athlete. The pursuit of barbell virtuosity has taught me many things about life and myself that I never thought possible and I love passing on those lessons to others in the form of coaching. I firmly believe that whether it be CrossFit, Weightlifting, or life in general, we are all stronger together and by adopting that mentality. Whether you aspire to be an Olympic athlete or just a little bit stronger than you were last year, I am 100% dedicated to helping you reach your goals. 

Being a scientist by trade, I try to incorporate a lot of the principles I use in my research to my programming and coaching: Observe a problem, come up with a hypothesis to test the problem, conduct an experiment to test the hypothesis, analyze the results, repeat. Everything is done for a reason. When implemented in Weightlifting and CrossFit, I believe this can help maximize success. 

Coaches Ty, Derek, and I work as a well oiled machine to help you reach your goals. Our team has worked together to produce national level weightlifters in the past and it will continue to do so in the future. Through hard work, attention to detail, positivity, anything is possible! Weightlifting has changed my life for the better and I want others to experience that as well.

In my free time I love to get out into the mountains and get lost in the wilderness backpacking, garden tasty vegetables, play soccer, and play blues music. 


CrossFit L1 Trainer 

USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach

Mad Scientist 


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