Holly Tweedale Member Spot Light

Holly has been a member with us since our “garage days” She always has a positive attitude. She loves to learn new skills, no matter how difficult the movement. We are so happy to have you Holly!

1. A little about Holly:

Hi there! My name is Holly Tweedale. I am 26 years old, live in De Pere, am a Customer Service Representative at Belmark inc and a part-time bartender at Green Bay Distillery. I have a 7-year old daughter, McKenna. I’m very close with my family. I played tennis in high school, but I never got into fitness until 2015. In 2015, one of my friends asked me to run a half marathon. He was a runner and wanted me to take up running as well. When he asked me, I laughed and asked “why would I want to do that? I could barely finish the mile run in high school.” After a conversation, I committed to doing it and next thing I knew, we were training. I vividly remember standing on my corral so scared (scared of failure, scared of injury, scared of not crossing the finish line). But I put one foot in front of the other and crossed the finish line at Lambeau and tears came to my eyes immediately because I was so damn proud of myself that I ran 13.1 miles. Such a great runners’ high! Since that day, I’ve participated in numerous half marathons, two full marathons, a few team relay races, and three tough mudders. Needless to say, I’m thankful for that friend and encouraging me to run that half marathon and starting me on my fitness lifestyle. 

2. How did you get into CrossFit?

I was starting to “plateau” with running and was looking for something more. I wanted to gain more muscle and be stronger. My mom and I were having a conversation one day and she said that a CrossFit gym was going into the old Manhattan Lanes. I looked into it a little more and before I knew it, I was emailing Packerland CF to see what it was all about. And here I am; one of the best decisions I’ve made! 

3. What do you like about Packerland CrossFit, and how has it changed you outside the gym?

Where do I begin... The members/community, coaches, Head Space, family atmosphere. I love how we encourage each other during and after the workouts. Ty and Derek do such an amazing job! If you’re having trouble with a movement, they will help you modify so it’s perfect for you. They breakdown every movement and show you proper form for each WOD (this is so great, especially just starting out) and we all practice the movement together. They also help you with form or modifications during the WOD, if needed. Head Space is something that either Ty or Derek go over everyday after they explain the WOD. It’s a quote of the day. I look forward to these everyday because Ty and Derek are very motivational and can relate the real world to CrossFit. The family atmosphere is huge for me, especially being a mom myself. Members can bring their children with to class and they can play in the Kids Corner or with each other as members workout. The children can see their parents workout and help them establish/learn a healthy lifestyle and show them hard work. 

4. What is your favorite Derek-ism?

“You vs. You.” This is one that I think about almost everyday. I am a competitive person, but I am competitive with myself. It’s not about being the best, but it’s about being better than you were yesterday. Both inside and outside the gym. I’ve been talking to Derek the past couple of weeks about doing my first competition in 2019 and he’s been so encouraging about it that I’m really looking forward to starting to compete and that journey.

5. Advice you’d have for anyone getting started: 

If you’ve been thinking about trying it, do it. Take the leap, trust your gut, mind, and/or heart, and you won’t regret it. You’ll probably wish you started sooner (I know I did). 

6. Your proudest moment in CrossFit so far:

There’s a lot of things I’m proud of but the thing I’m most proud about is the growth I’ve seen in myself as an individual. Derek showed me a video from one of my first fundamentals classes and I was impressed that my form has improved, I’m more consistent in the movements, my mindset is much more clear than it used to be, and I’m overall a healthier, happier individual. 

Top: Holly Working on her knees to elbows  Bottom: Derek and Holly after her last day of Foundations in the garage.

Top: Holly Working on her knees to elbows

Bottom: Derek and Holly after her last day of Foundations in the garage.