Member Spot Light Pavla Brhelova Moore

Pav is so dedicated, she makes everyone around her want to work harder. We love seeing her everyone morning before the sunrises. Recently she worked 1 on 1 after class with Ty to help her olympic lifts, he said she is quick to learn new skills

Hello everyone!! My name is Pavla Brhelova Moore. 

I was born and raised in town called Kyjov, Czech Republic. During my college summer breaks I worked abroad (Germany & USA) to make some extra cash as the exchange rate was really good back then. My first year in USA I had 3 jobs - housekeeper at the Algoma Beach Motel, dishwasher at Dairy Dean's and bartender in Algoma Pizza Bowl. My first night as bartender, I met my husband Chad. For the next 3 years, we had long distance relationship where 8-9 months of the year, I was in Czech at the college, Chad was here in Wisconsin. And summers I spent here working. 2 weeks after I graduated, Chad flew to Czech to marry me. Within couple months I received marriage visa, so I could move here. At the age of 25 and with only 1 suitcase, I moved to different continent, left my parents, younger sister, and all my friends behind, to be with a guy I was madly in love with. 15 years later …… we have 11 year old son Ethan, fox-red lab Jasper and let's not forget about our 7 chickens - the feathered spoiled ladies, which I like to call "free loaders", if they don't do their job laying eggs as they suppose to. 

1.How did you get into CrossFit? 

I always have been on active side, however within the last couple years, I realized that running and Jillian Michaels DVD's will just not cut it anymore. I was not pushing myself as I would like to. So one day, my co-worker and friend Pam, asked me if I would like to try a week free trial at Synergy gym. The classes were crossfit-ish based and I got hooked. When our trainer left the gym, he recommended Packerland CF as I just didn't want to stop being that crazy girl, who gets up at 4am every single day, can't wait to get her sweat on and be better than yesterday herself.

2.What do you like about Packerland CrossFit, and how has it changed you outside the gym?

From the first moment I met Derek & Ty, I knew this is it. My gut was telling - you are not going anywhere. Everything about PCF is what I have been looking for - the variety of workouts, nutrition services, people I work out on daily bases,  …. I found my "happy" place. Because of PCF my eating habits are much better and I'm stronger person then I have ever been. 

3.What is your favorite Derek-ism?

The hips don't lie. Make the barbell be your b*tch!!

4. Advice you’d have for anyone just getting started:

Don't be afraid. Everything can be scaled. It's hard at the beginning but with time you will be able to do things you thought you wouldn't be able to. And then it will be still hard but also fun!! It will change your life to better.

5.Your proudest moment in CrossFit or any athletic adventures so far or goals you have:

Do more then a couple strict push ups. 

Improving my Murph challenge time by 6 minutes within 3 months