Member Spot Light: Matt Fortier

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m a huge sports fan. I’m a basketball and baseball junkie. I’ve always been competitive so winning was always important. I have 4 older brothers so they were always pushing me to be better. I have a 6 year old son who loves all the sports with lots of rough housing.

How did you get into CrossFit?

I wasn't happy with working out at the YMCA anymore. I was bored and unmotivated. I needed something more. I also HATED squatting or leg exercises so this was the perfect cure.

What do you like about Packerland?

The atmosphere is fun. Everyone has the same goal. Get a little stronger, a little faster. Its addicting and knowing its you vs the clock with the freedom to push your body to limits you didn’t know existed. Then you realize if you can complete these workouts, life is easier to manage and better prepared for the adversity. You have more confidence in everything you do!

I had previous back issue and went to the Chiro twice a month over an 8 year span. Now after 2 years of CF I’ve only needed to go a couple times. I still need to eat better. I’m a work in progresss with nutrition but will get better .

Favorite Derek-sim?

“ You signed a waiver! You are fine!” "*big grins*

Advice for anyone getting started?

There is no right pace. Move at your own speed. Get a little better everyday. Small wins compound into big gains. We are like a 401k plan!

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